Application Process

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Application Steps

  1. Download, read, sign, and scan the consent for participation form
  2. Complete all sections of the Application in Google Forms. 
  3. Upload your signed consent for participation PDF form in section 9 of the application or e-mail the form to
  4. Upload a headshot to section 10 of the Application. 
  5. Write a short (5-7 sentences) biography in third person form, which means using your own name along with third-person pronouns. Your bio should include your hobbies, interests, activities, goals for the future, as well as why you decided to join Youth Ambassadors. 

Contact with any questions about your application.

Youth Ambassador Consent Forms Packet 2021 (1).docx (1)

Program Information

All Youth Ambassadors… 

  • Work alongside talented High School students across the country who are committed to ending bullying;
  • Meet monthly to learn how to prevent and interrupt bullying in your community;
  • Plan two anti-bullying projects or events in their community;
  • Increase awareness around anti-bullying practices, effective communication, and positive mental health!

As a Youth Ambassador (YA), you will join a diverse group of students from across the country to plan anti-bullying actions in your community. You will learn about and discuss current issues like discrimination, power dynamics, abusive behaviors, cyberbullying, and microaggressions. Working together with your peers, you will identify how bullying is an issue in your school or community. Then, you will work to prevent and interrupt by developing a change-making campaign, organizing fundraisers, or leading online or offline actions.

At the Tyler Clementi Foundation, we believe that achieving our goal of ending bullying in schools should be led by ambitious, talented, and compassionate youth across the country. We welcome applications from High School and College-aged youth (13-20) who are interested in being change-makers in their local community. Please contact with any questions related to the program.



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