You are now part of the movement to end online and offline bullying! With your support, the Tyler Clementi Foundation is able to bring communities together to stand up to bullying.

Click Here to download your #Day1 Toolkit for Greek Life.

*If you would like to request a different language, please let us know by replying to this email. 

Once you’ve downloaded your toolkit, follow these simple steps:

1. Follow the lesson steps, practice reading the declaration, encourage participation.

2. Create a visual aid in your classroom to remind students of their commitment throughout the year. Examples? 

3. Print Upstander Pledges for students to sign and display in the classroom.

4. Revisit #Day1 throughout the school year, or whenever students need a reminder of their agreement to prevent and interrupt bullying. 

If you would like support or ideas about how you can implement #Day1, reply to this email. We’re happy to help you in creating a culture of kindness at your school. 

Thank you for your commitment and support.
— The Tyler Clementi Foundation


Help us reach our goal of recruiting 1 million Upstanders.


Become a volunteer and help us reach our goal of recruiting 1 million Upstanders.


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