Nearly half of New York City teenagers say they have been cyberbullied, indicating online abuse is alarmingly common among the city’s youth, a new study of online behavior shows.

Some 48 percent of teens said they have personally experienced cyberbullying, with degrading or insulting online comments being the most common form of abuse, according to a survey commissioned by AT&T and two anti-bullying organizations, the Tyler Clementi Foundation and No Bully.

The survey, released Wednesday, found an even greater share of teenagers — 75 percent — had witnessed cyberbullying at least once. Teens identified physical appearance, clothing and sexual orientation as the most common reasons for the behavior.

“The survey’s findings are an alarming reminder of how pervasive cyberbullying is and how much work we have before us to end bullying and improve online behavior,” said Jane Clementi, the CEO of the Tyler Clementi Foundation, which was founded in honor of her son who died by suicide after he was cyberbullied.

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