Are you tired of seeing religion used as a weapon to bully people?

This is your chance to stand up and tell religious bullies everywhere that True Faith Doesn’t Bully.

Here’s how to participate.

  1. Take the Upstander Pledge. It’s your promise to stand up against bullying wherever you see it.
  2. Make it public. Post a picture (or short video) of yourself on Instagram holding one of our Faith Challenge signs (below). If you are a person of faith, try to include something in the image to represent your faith. Tag @tyler_clementi_foundation and we might share your post with our followers!
  3. Challenge your friends to become Upstanders as well. Anyone can take the Upstander Pledge, whether or not they’re a person of faith. We’re on a mission to reach one million Upstanders around the world.

Faith Challenge signs

You can download and print one of these signs or handwrite your own. Don’t forget to include the URL for this page.

Sign #1 (click for a printable version):

Sign #2 (click for a printable version):

Picture ideas

Are you a person of faith? We’d love to see you represent your faith in some way in your picture. You might hold or wear something that represents your faith, draw a religious symbol on your sign, or even take the picture in front of your place of worship. We want to show people of faith standing against bullying. Of course, we encourage everyone to participate, whether or not you’re a person of faith.

Have you witnessed religion-based bullying in your life? Instead of a picture, you could make a short video where you tell a story about how you’ve seen or experienced religion-based bullying, and most importantly, what you’re doing to take a stand to stop it.

We’ll be posting some of our favorites on our website, so check back to see who’s taking a stand!


Help us reach our goal of recruiting 1 million Upstanders.


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